onsdag 23. desember 2009

Lisbeth Dahl - Catalogue spring 2010

Lisbeth Dahl - Catalogue: "Memories 2010

The Lisbeth Dahl team has in the Summer Collection 2010 created some of the things we associate with past adventures, pleasant places and familiar settings. Wonderful creations that bring back memories from your history and can be the background setting for new to come.

This summer silk and sateen with beads, sequins and crystals are the foundation of the Lisbeth Dahl universe, and velour and laces in soft pastel shades are complemented with our glaze and glitter.

You will find lovely boxes with a sense of the antique, oil lamps, Venetian furniture, quilts and photo frames, for all your best memories. Delicate patterns in stripes, dots and Harlequin are adorning glassware and metals in this Summer Collection.

We are as always fascinated by old creations and love to add a twist of colour and new shapes to our collections, and we believe, this summer, our collection will remind you of good times past and present and help create settings for new memories to be cherished forever.

Our love for adventure and history has let us cross paths with our beloved Tivoli Gardens, the over 150 year old amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen known for its wonderful buildings, lights and entertainment. Inspired by the garden and its designs, paying homage to Tivoli’s history we have created a small collection with adorable items under the Tivoli and Lisbeth Dahl brand name. “Tivoli by Lisbeth Dahl” has been born.

You can browse though our newest catalogue here, click on the links to the right. If you wish to download the catalogue instead of browsing online, please click on the link to the right and choose 'Download pdf' in the new window"

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